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At Harrisville Pharmacy we strive to be your go-to destination for convenient access to a modernized, independent, pharmacist-owned pharmacy.  To achieve this vision, we collaborate with multiple partners which allows us to be keep up with trends and adapt as the practice of pharmacy changes.


This program enables prescribers to electronically transmit a prescription from an electronic medical record (EMR) to the pharmacy management system (PMS) of our pharmacy.  This system enhances workflow efficiency, communication and confidence for prescribers, pharmacists and patients, by eliminating outdated methods of prescribing such as faxes.


This platform improves medication adherence, workflow efficiency and communication between you and your pharmacist.  By giving you the freedom to order your prescription remotely, you are in control of your prescription profile.  When using PharmaConnect you can see your medication record, order and automate refills, submit a new prescription to be filled, and support people you care for.

Pill Check

The most common challenge with prescription drugs is unwelcome side effects. And sometimes, they are simply not effective for the individual. Pillcheck is a fast, easy DNA test that helps identify the right medication at the right dosage from a broad spectrum of drugs.

Harrisville Pharmacy has partnered with Pillcheck to offer  pharmacogenetic testing and consultations.

Making use of this service is easy:

$25 Promo Code:  HARRISVILLERX

  • Click on the logo above to go to the Pillcheck website and then choose ORDER NOW – be sure to use the discount code HARRISVILLERX to receive $25 off!
  • After completing the order form a test kit will be mailed to you with instructions on how to obtain a DNA sample.  You just need to send the sample back to the Pillcheck, using the instructions provided.
  • The results will be sent to our Pharmacists to interpret and provide a written analysis.  Our pharmacist will contact you for an in-person or phone consultation to review your results and provide recommendations.
  • The complete results and our recommendations will be sent to you and other primary healthcare providers, if you wish.

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