Care Beyond Prescriptions
Care Beyond Prescriptions
Care Beyond Prescriptions
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At Harrisville Pharmacy, our goal is to create a uniquely personal pharmacy experience that blends empathy with high-quality health care. 

By putting the needs of our patients first, we can offer a level of care that goes far beyond the prescription. Harrisville Pharmacy offers a modernized pharmacy experience as well as professional home health and wellness products and services.

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Skin Issues

Many skin conditions such as allergic reactions and fungal infections can be easily treated with topical medication. Our pharmacists will assess your issue and prescribe any required creams or ointments needed. Click to know more

Minor Infections

Our pharmacists can assess and treat several minor infections including urinary tract infections, shingles, and thrush. We can quickly provide you with access to medication so you can get on with your day. Click to know more

Women’s Wellbeing

Our pharmacists can assist with several women’s health areas such as initiating and managing birth control, period cramps, and treating of urinary tract infections. Click to know more

Gastrointestinal Complaints

Stomach and GI issues can disrupt your day and make you quite uncomfortable. Our pharmacists can help you with issues such as reflux, canker/cold sores, hemorrhoids, and thrush. Click to know more

Adult Immunizations

There are many adult vaccines which are not provided by the Public Health such as the shingles and hepatitis A&B vaccines. Our pharmacists can assess, prescribe and administer these vaccines, giving you peace of mind that you are protected from these preventable conditions. Click to know more

Travel Wellness

When planning a trip its important to consider any risks you may encounter. Our pharmacists can help you by reviewing your itinerary and recommending precautions you can take to stay safe and healthy. Vaccines and preventative treatments can be provided and administered on-site. Click to know more

Minor Conditions

If you have a minor ailment such as mild joint or muscle pain or seasonal allergies, our pharmacists can assess your symptoms and provide effective prescription or over-the-counter relief. Click to know more


If you are receiving treatment for a condition using an injectable product, such as for osteoporosis, contraception or B12, our pharmacists can administer them at a time that is convenient for you. Click to know more

Medication Management and Prescribing Services

Our pharmacists can help you manage your prescriptions in many ways, such as providing renewals for existing prescriptions, packaging your medication so that its easier to take and by completing a one-on-one medication review. Click to know more

Manage Your Prescriptions

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Leah Duffett
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angela chiasson
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Wes Ryan
Great team, very friendly and knowledgeable.
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tara lanctin
Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful
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Goolat1 Goolat1
Helpful and professional employees
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Josh Lirette
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Mehdi Nokrachi
Great Service from Pascale and Andrew! Thank you!
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Jeszyka Bateman
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Joel Gallant
Fantastic staff and super friendly!

Andrew Drover Moncton PharmacistAndrew Drover  BScPharm, RPEBC
Pharmacist Owner


Erin Drover Health Consultant MonctonErin Drover 
Consultant Owner


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Founded in December 2020, Andrew and Erin Drover, in collaboration with WholeHealth Pharmacy Partners, opened Harrisville Pharmacy and Home Health & Wellness Centre to offer quality healthcare to the Moncton Community.

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Send us your question and we will get back to you

You can also reach us by
Email [email protected]
Phone: (506) 858-5050