Care Beyond Prescriptions
Home Health & Wellness

At Harrisville Pharmacy, our goal is to create a uniquely personal pharmacy experience that blends empathy with high-quality health care. 

By putting the needs of our patients first, we can offer a level of care that goes far beyond the prescription. Harrisville Pharmacy offers a modernized pharmacy experience as well as professional home health and wellness products and services.

Compression Therapy
Certified fitter

Mastectomy Care
Certified fitter

Lactation & Breastfeeding
Including Breast Pump Rentals 

Ostomy & Wound Care

Professional Fittings
Canes, braces, and supports

Health & Wellness Needs Fittings
Canes, braces, and supports

Home Health & Wellness

Andrew Drover Moncton PharmacistAndrew Drover  BScPharm, RPEBC
Pharmacist Owner


Erin Drover Health Consultant MonctonErin Drover 
Consultant Owner


Founded in December 2020, Andrew and Erin Drover, in collaboration with WholeHealth Pharmacy Partners, opened Harrisville Pharmacy and Home Health & Wellness Centre to offer quality healthcare to the Moncton Community.


Harrisville Pharmacy
Virtual Medical Clinic

Book an appointment with our virtual care clinic and speak with a Doctor about your medical needs. The cost is covered by NB Medicare.

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Send us your question and we will get back to you

You can also reach us by
Email [email protected]
Phone: (506) 858-5050