Prescription dispensing, Harrisville Pharmacy, Moncton

Prescription Transfer & REFILLS

Our pharmacists provide traditional dispensing that you’ve come to expect from any drugstore.

From prescription vials to adherence aids, such as Whole Health Precision Packs and Dispill, to opioid replacement therapy and basic compounding, we have the knowledge and experience to meet and exceed your expectations.

If you run out of refills on your prescription and cannot get in to see your primary prescriber, our pharmacists may be able to renew your prescription.

Whether your prescription was originally filled at our pharmacy or not, our pharmacists can assess and prescribe medication for previously diagnosed medical conditions, continuing your existing therapy, until you can visit with your primary prescriber.

When your prescription has no refills remaining or has expired (one year after the original written date) it can no longer be filled.  Whether your original prescription was filled with us or not, our pharmacists can quickly renew your prescription to ensure you do not go without your medication.

During your consultation, our pharmacist will review the medication you’re taking and your medical history to ensure that there are no issues or concerns with your medication and to identify if further review with the original prescriber is needed.  If applicable, our pharmacist will review your most recent bloodwork or suggest you obtain new bloodwork to ensure your dosage is right for you.  We will also review your complete profile to ensure any other prescriptions that can no longer be filled are discussed with you.

There is no cost for this service for New Brunswick residents with a valid New Brunswick Medicare card.

*some restrictions apply, in accordance with the Regulations to the New Brunswick Pharmacy Act
**professional consultation fees may apply

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Send us your question and we will get back to you

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