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14 December 2020

Moncton’s Newest Pharmacy Opening Today

Harrisville Pharmacy a first for Wholehealth Pharmacy Partners

Moncton— 14 December 2020 — Andrew and Erin Drover, in collaboration with Wholehealth Pharmacy Partners, are excited to open a pharmacy and health & wellness centre in the Harrisville/Grove Hamlet area of Moncton today.

“Our goal is to offer high-quality healthcare using a full scope of pharmacist practice” said Andrew Drover, Pharmacist Owner.

“We want to create a uniquely personal experience, looking after our clients’ whole health, that will support positive health outcomes” said Erin Drover, Consultant Owner.

This will be the first location in Atlantic Canada for Wholehealth Pharmacy Partners.  “Wholehealth Pharmacy Partners are truly excited to welcome Erin and Andrew to our family.  It is not every day you are the first at something, Harrisville Pharmacy will be our first location in Atlantic Canada and Wholehealth is proud to welcome owners that care about their community as much as Erin and Andrew do.  All Monctonians can experience pharmacy care at an exceptional level from Harrisville Pharmacy,” said Dean Miller, President of Wholehealth Pharmacy Partners.

Graduating from Memorial University’s School of Pharmacy in 2003, Andrew has practiced pharmacy in New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  He has held multiple roles as a pharmacist, pharmacy manager and in pharmacy operations.  Andrew is also a member of the Board of Directors of the New Brunswick Pharmacists Association and the Deputy Commanding Officer of 560 Moncton Army Cadet Corps. 

Erin has been a pharmacy assistant since 2001 and is a home healthcare consultant, certified in compression therapy and mastectomy fittings.  Erin is also the President of the Evergreen Park School Home and School Association.

Services Offered

Harrisville Pharmacy offers a wide scope of pharmacist services including assessments, prescribing and administration of adult immunizations and flu shots, treatment of minor conditions such as uncomplicated urinary tract infections, and travel consultations for common destinations.  Including a traditional prescription dispensary, Harrisville Pharmacy will offer over-the-counter medications, health and beauty aids, baby care products and nutritional supplements. 

Harrisville Home Health & Wellness offers a suite of full-service soft medical products and services, including compression therapy, incontinence and ostomy supplies, mastectomy fittings and appliances, mobility aids and breastfeeding solutions.  More information can be found at .

Harrisville Pharmacy and Harrisville Home Health and Wellness are operated by Harrisville Pharmacy Inc. and located in the Harrisville Complex at 1121 Shediac Road.

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Wholehealth Pharmacy Partners was founded in 2016 and since that time welcomed approximately 80 pharmacies across Canada.


To create a uniquely personal pharmacy experience that blends empathy with high quality health care.


Our pharmacists relentlessly put the needs of their patients first and offer a level of care that goes well beyond the prescription.


We are a like–minded partnership of independent pharmacists, carefully selected for the level of care and attention we provide our patients and the communities we serve.


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